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At Cirencester Dental and Aesthetics we offer a friendly welcome to all children to allow us to join them on their life-long dental journey.

We encourage parents and carers to bring their children to us from an early age to help keep their teeth free from dental disease as they grow. Our Team has a long experience of working together with families to build trust and confidence through positive dental experiences.

Our Dental Services for Infants and Children include:

  • Routine dental care: Starting with routine examinations we aim to make each visit as positive as possible for your child. We emphasise the importance of preventative care to avoid cavities and toothache that will lead to fillings and extractions.
  • Positive reinforcement: Our Team will work with you and your child to make them feel relaxed and confident enough to successfully complete each examination and treatment session. We encourage regular check-ups for children to make sure they never become ‘dental phobic’.
  • Oral Health Education: Our Dental Nurses are available for special family appointments. The Dental Nurse will advise children and their carers on the best habits for a healthy and happy family smile. We will demonstrate the most effective brushing and flossing techniques, using disclosing tablets if necessary, and advise on good dietary habits, such as cutting out sugary and acidic food and drink. These sessions will provide the whole family with the opportunity to keep their mouth free from cavities for life.
  • Monitoring growth: As your children grow, we will monitor the development of the teeth and jaws, referring to the Orthodontic Specialists when necessary. Braces, if required, are usually placed once all the milk teeth have fallen out.
  • Emergency treatment: Accidents do happen, and when they do we provide emergency treatment options for broken or injured teeth. Our friendly team will keep your child calm and relaxed while we treat the injury as quickly and comfortably as possible.
  • Preventative treatment: Alongside good oral care and diet, we can protect the growing adult teeth by applying fluoride varnishes and fissure sealants to the adult teeth. For protection against sports injury we can make custom-fitted gumshields.

Let Cirencester Dental and Aesthetics work with you to ensure the best possible care for your child’s dental health, well-being, and progress.

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