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New Patient Consultation

Your first visit to us will include a full assessment and relevant x-rays

Regular Examination
Extended Examination
Hygienist visit 30 mins
Hygienist visit 60 mins
Direct Access Hygienist visit 30 mins

Non-registered patients wishing to access our hygienist service

Radiographs (X-rays)
First x-ray £20.00
Each additional £15.00
Emergency Appointment
From £55.00
Emergency Appointment (Non Registered Patients)
Private Prescription
£11.00 per Item
Missed Appointment fee
Standard Extractions
from £117.00
Surgical / Wisdom Tooth Extractions
From £197.00
Sports Gumshield (Plain colour)
Bruxism Guard
From £95.00
Anti-Snoring Devices
From £395.00


White Filling (Metal-Free)

Front Tooth

From £97.00

Back Tooth

From £127
Amalgam Filling (Silver Metal)
From £89.00
Fissure Sealants
From £45.00

Root Canal Treatment

Pre Molar
Re-root Treatment
£397.00 - £637.00

Crowns / Veneers / Bridges

Crowns (Per Tooth)
£557.00 - £835.00
Veneers (Per Tooth)
£610.00 - £835.00
Inlays / Onlays (Per Tooth)
£347.00 - £657.00
Bridges (Per Supporting Tooth / Missing Tooth)
£460.00 - £835.00


Full Acrylic Denture (One Upper or Lower)
From £567.00
Full Acrylic Denture Set (Both Upper and Lower)
From £947.00
Partial Acrylic Denture
From £380.00
Chrome-Cobalt Metal frame Denture
From £480.00
Flexible (Nylon) Denture
From £490.00
Combination of Materials (Acrylic-Chrome, Flexi-Chrome)
From £647.00
Temporary Denture
From £167.00
Denture Repairs
£67.00 - £140.00
Addition of Teeth to Denture
From £115.00
Reline/Rebase Denture
From £145.00
Implant-supported Denture (Excludes Implants)
From £1600.00


Cosmetic Consultation

This cost will be subtracted from your fee if you decide to proceed with treatment

Tooth Whitening

Premium Enlighten Whitening
Enlighten Top-up Gel Syringe
Standard Boutique Whitening
Boutique Top-up Gel Syringe

Adult Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontic Assessment

This cost will be subtracted from your fees should you proceed with treatment.
0% Finance Available for Braces Subject to Application

Cosmetic Fixed Braces

Single Arch (Upper or Lower)
From £1800.00
Both Upper and Lower Arches
From £3200.00

Clear Aligners

Per Arch
Single Arch (Upper or Lower)
From £1600.00

Removable Retainer (12 Month Guarantee)
£120.00 per arch
£210.00 both arches
Bonded Retainer (12 Month Guarantee)
£240.00 per arch

Dental Implants

Single Implant and Crown
From £2300.00

0% Finance Available for Implants Subject to Application

Facial Aesthetics Fees

Wrinkle Reducing Injections

One area
Two areas
Three areas
Sweating (Underarm/forehead/hands/feet)

Dermal Fillers/Facial Contouring

One syringe
Two syringes
Three syringes
Four syringes
Facial contouring/cheek bones/jaw line

Alumier Medical Peels

Glow peel
Radiant 30 peel
Radiant 20/10 peel

Facial Rejuvenation Packages

Rejuvenation 1
£79.00 per month
Rejuvenation 2
£99.00 per month
Rejuvenation 2
£129.00 per month

Plasma Treatments

Non surgical Blepharoplasty upper or lower eye
Mole removal
Skin tag removal

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Facial Aesthetics

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Dental Implants

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Teeth Whitening

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