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Are you embarrassed to smile in photos? Do you cover your mouth when laughing? Do you want braces but you are not sure where to start?

A lot of adults have misaligned teeth that they are desperate to straighten. Patients often feel embarrassed about their less than perfect smile, yet fears about the appearance and costs of braces often prevent them from speaking to a dentist to learn about the latest options available to straighten the teeth.

At Cirencester Dental and Aesthetics we can offer two options for straightening teeth:

  • Fixed Braces – using discreet tooth-coloured/white brackets and tooth-coloured memory wire we avoid the metal ‘train-track’ appearance. The advanced bracket design and low-force memory wire means treatment is quicker and more comfortable than with conventional brace systems.
  • Clear Aligners – completely clear plastic removable braces that are custom-fitted to sit over your teeth like hard gumshields. Each one moves the teeth little by little, so that by the end of a sequence of aligners you have a straight smile.

Following treatment to straighten the teeth, we can smooth or round off the tips of the teeth to give the most even appearance, and you may also want to consider whitening the teeth to really enhance your new straight smile.

How long will treatment take?

The duration of treatment will vary depending on the complexity of your case. Our average treatment time is 6-9 months; simpler cases can be straightened in around 3 months. We will be able to give you an estimated treatment time once we have examined your teeth. Treatment times with Fixed Braces are usually shorter than with Removable Aligners.

Do I need to wear Retainers?

Following active treatment, to prevent any unwanted movement of your teeth, you are advised to wear retainers.  Retainers can be removable or fixed designs.

Contact Cirencester Dental and Aesthetics now on 01285 653251 for more information about our comfortable and discreet braces. We will help you get that perfectly straight smile without compromising on aesthetics, and can offer finance starting from 0% to spread out the cost.

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